11 Tips To Increase Your Book’s Outreach

11 Tips To Increase Your Book’s Outreach

by Ethan More
Book’s Outreach

Writing a book can be a therapeutic process. But at the same time, multiple revisions and publishing can also make it an exhausting process. As you move towards the completion of your book, you get closer to a satisfying feeling of accomplishment. You should take a pause and savor the moment.

Sadly, your breaks cannot be too long. As a writer, it’s time to prepare for the next big step – increasing the outreach of your book.

Increasing your book’s outreach can be a challenging process. However, it plays an essential role in selling your work and establishing you as a successful author. Hence, this process deserves your utmost attention and dedication.

If you are looking forward to increasing your book’s outreach, these eleven tips can help you.

Know Your Audience

Whether you have just started writing your book or are looking forward to reaching out to more people, knowing the interests of your audience plays an essential part in your success. You have to make a connection between your book’s genre and target audience.

Knowing your audience can help you choose the right platforms to promote your book. This practice can help you invest your energy and resources in the right places. 

Create Author Website

Creating an author website is one of the most practical ways to establish your authority as a writer and get the word out about your work. An author website can help the readers find you, know more about you and stay updated about your publications.

Most importantly, an author website can help you create a smooth marketing strategy for your book. You can directly collect the emails of your visitors. This way, you can mail them regarding all the updates and upcoming events.

Focus on Social Media

In this technology-driven era, having a social media presence has become as important as any other essential. It helps people connect effortlessly. After all, why not? If having social media accounts helps you promote your book, then it is not such a bad idea.

As a writer, you want to ensure that your readers can find you on the platforms of their choice. It can be a headache sometimes to manage all accounts together. As your presence on social media grows, you may want to consider hiring a social media manager.

Translate Your Work 

Language and communication skills connect human beings. At the same time, language can also be a major reason for restricting the outreach of your book. As an author, you must consider your audience while taking every step. 

But what about the ones that are restricted by the barrier of language? Every reader matters!

Therefore, translating your book into different languages can help you achieve your outreach goals and bring a global audience for your work. Many professionals provide translation services at very reasonable costs. You can explore your options and hire the best book translators.

Design an Eye-catching Cover

Bookstores are filled with captivating books. As far as the eye reaches, you will find racks filled with literature from worldwide. At first glance, it is observed that a unique book cover distinguishes every book. Among thousands of books, eye-catching covers always stand out.

Book covers are the first impression that you make on your potential reader. You must ensure that your book cover is captivating for your audience. You can also get in touch with professional book cover designers to explore more ideas.

Create an EBook

Every reader does not have the resources to find or buy your book. But this does not mean that these readers cannot be a part of your growth. Every reader can become your follower leading to your outreach as an author.

Creating an eBook can give access to your readers, sometimes at a discounted price. In addition, your eBook can also give you an opportunity to be on major platforms for book reviews. 

Create a Blog

Having a blog is not essential for businesses only. As an author, your blog can become your biggest helper in promoting your book. It gives you a platform to write and connect with your readers. It also allows readers to leave comments on your blog.

To start with, you may want to consider the topics your readers might be interested in. Then, you can start writing and sharing freely. But remember, once your readers find your blog, they may want to stay updated. Therefore, your blog must be updated regularly.

Arrange Giveaways

Who does not like free stuff? Your readers do too! Arranging giveaways from time to time can create excitement among your followers. You can choose certain criteria by which you can shortlist the contest winners to send your signed copies to them. 

Giveaways are a great opportunity to reach out to more people and increase traffic on your website. Eventually, more people will follow your social media accounts for giveaways. You will grow with every new follower added to the list.

Rely on Podcasts

As an author aiming to increase the outreach of their book, you need to ensure that no promotion platform gets overlooked by you. Podcasts are one of the growing mediums in which many people are interested nowadays. 

You can start your podcast or join a podcast as a guest to promote your book by having a discussion. For reference, you can see the podcasts of your competitors to learn more about how podcasts can be beneficial in promoting your book.

Collaborate With Influencers

Unlike celebrities, influencers devote a lot of time to creating and establishing their presence. This hard work makes them a reliable source of information for their followers. Therefore, collaborating with influencers for outreach is always a good idea.

You can reach out to influencers to review and promote your book. You can acquire these services on a voluntary and paid basis. Working with an influencer will send the word out about your book to millions of potential readers. 

Do Not Slack Off

It is not easy to become an established writer. It requires a lot of work and dedication. Consistency is key if you want the world to know about you and your work. 

Before your previous book becomes old news, start working on the next one and let your readers know about it. If you are facing writer’s block, try looking for inspiration in new places – travel, meditate and do what makes you happy.

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