All About Test Anxiety

All About Test Anxiety

by Anshu Dev

Students have to go through a lot of things while they study. They do a lot of hard work and put their all efforts in order to perform well. School managements also help the students through various tools like attendance management software and LMS portals. Attendance management software and LMS portals help the students improve their performance and keep them aways from issues like attendance management by maintaining their interest in studies. Due to their all efforts and hard work, they think that they have gained grip on all the subjects and on their study materials but as soon as they enter their examination hall or the classroom they almost freeze like ice or their mind and the body becomes numb. Till the last night or even till the morning of exam day students remember everything but all of a sudden, he or she forgets everything like a blank slate as soon as he or she holds the exam or test paper. Sounds familiar? many of the students have faced this situation and even you may have faced this situation someday in your past and this situation is called test anxiety. Usually, it is normal to become a little stressed before any exam or test but, in some people, or we can say more often in some students this situation becomes grave and takes a form of anxiety which is called Test Anxiety. Text anxiety is basically a situation where a student being pressurized under pressure of compulsory good performance becomes so stressed that he or she is not able to do anything in examination hall or on stage even after having complete preparation. It is not compulsory that it may happen only in exams, it can happen anywhere students have to perform. There are some other forms of test anxiety like headache or stomach-ache, few students feel sweaty palms, dizziness, increasing heart-beat and fear. The worst scenario related to test anxiety is when students sometimes are not able to handle this anxiety and they vomit at the moment.

Usually, people who make it a habit to see perfection in their tasks, suffer from test anxiety because they can’t tolerate imperfection. Such people have always feared for something to be wrong at the prime moment and this thought doesn’t even let such people sleep properly for days. so, let’s understand what can be done to solve this situation. Students should always be optimistic and the best way to do this is to find good in bad so due to test anxiety students feel a lot of negative symptoms where they shouldn’t in such conditions, they can use their anxiety as inspiration and instead of getting bothered they should keep themselves motivated that they have performed well. Once a student becomes better in practice of converting anxiety into inspiration then all tests go well further. As explained in above paragraph a little anxiety is good for motivation but as student the level of test anxiety increases and student is in situation to suffer from serious consequences then it is a time to seek external help for student’s health, where tutor, mentor, school counsellor or school psychologists are the best people to help the kids. 

Prevention is better than vaccination. This proverb says that students should never let the situation arise where they have to seek help from others. Therefore, it is necessary that students should make a schedule and prepare for tests accordingly so that each subject can get proper attention from students and they can be confident enough to face tests without fear. While heading towards the examination hall students should never ever let negative thoughts spoil the confidence level of the mind and should remain optimistic the whole time of examination with belief that everything will be good according to efforts. Students need to understand one thing more that regarding their preparation of tests they should always accept their carelessness and mend them for next tests so that necessary improvements should be made and preparations should be done properly. Students should be very careful towards their physical and mental health because any kind of disturbance in this brings imbalance in preparation of tests and exams and student’s all efforts go in vain.

Following all the above tips students can survive the test anxiety easily.

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