bruno mars vs fashion show

bruno mars vs fashion show

by Radhe

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen bruno mars. He’s a young, handsome, and very smart businessman that has been in my life for a few years now. He has a face that is pretty much all business but his eyes tell the whole story. I’ve watched him work out in the gym and when he’s on the track, his eyes tell me he’s really working hard.

The fashion show was not as impressive as the gym workout, but the game is definitely more flashy. The game is definitely not the most polished game out there, but its beautiful graphics and gameplay will make you want to play it. It also looks like it will be pretty hard for bruno mars to beat, as he has a pretty good amount of health.

I just don’t see how bruno mars can beat the game, as he has a pretty good amount of health.

Bruno Mars is a very skilled player and he’s already quite good at the game by looking at the stats. I don’t think he’ll be too hard to beat. The game will be easy for bruno mars and if I were him I would have a hard time beating it even with a good defense.

That said, I think there is a good chance that bruno mars can beat it. He has the most health in the game, and he has already gotten into a fair amount of combat. The game will be easy for him to beat, but he will probably have some trouble trying to beat it.

I think that is the way to go. If you do get into a war of attrition, it won’t be because you can’t beat it. It might just be because the game is too difficult for you.

I think mars has the better chance of beating it. He has more health, he has the best weapons, and he has the better defense. I think mars also has more chances of winning. If mars wins, I think he will win, but mars is the better bet.

The best defense is in armor, and mars is the weakest one. I’m not saying that mars is a good defense, just that he has a better chance of winning. But I think he has stronger defensive tools than most people. I think mars can win, but he is the best team at this point.

The best way to think of mars is that he’s the weakest link in the team. He’s the weakest link in our team because he’s the most likely to be a target (or if he isn’t, he’s the weakest link).

Bruno Mars is the new fashion show, but mars himself is a more experienced fashion show host. This makes the two teams very different. The fashion show hosts are all very experienced and are able to use their specialties to good effect. They have a much easier time of it than mars as they arent afraid to show off their abilities. They are also able to use the power of their own fashion show to great effect.

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