Guide to Choose Between CBD Gummies, Oils and Strains

Guide to Choose Between CBD Gummies, Oils and Strains

by Radhe

Nowadays, you can find a lot of products to handle different physical and mental conditions. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, but there’s one that has gained a lot of popularity over the years: Cannabis.

That being said, with the legalization of medicinal cannabis and its rise in popularity over the last couple of years, derivations of it have been brought to the table as well, and a particular option among the community is rapidly becoming a favorite choice, and that choice is CBD-based products.

Still, for newcomers, using CBD might be a little bit intimidating, especially since there’s a great variety of products, and a lot of information to learn about it. Thankfully, in this article, we will talk about what CBD is, how it can help, and how to choose between different categories of products.

A Simple Introduction to CBD

Let’s talk about why CBD is so popular. First of all, contrary to medicinal cannabis, CBD products are non-psychotropic, meaning that they can’t get you high under any circumstances. But why is it incapable of getting us high? 

You see… CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is the main compound found in the cannabis and the hemp plant along with THC, but the products specialized in it are actually derived from the hemp plant instead. This is because, along with CBD, THC is a very prominent compound found in the cannabis plant, and it is the one that provides the plant with its psychotropic potential.

That being said, the hemp plant is well known for containing really low levels of THC, and higher levels of CBD, making it the perfect foundation of all cannabidiol-based products, since they only contain around 0.3% of THC, making it a much reliable and safe option for a lot of people.

Uses of CBD as a Medical Choice

Contrary to cannabis, cannabidiol products cannot be used for recreational purposes, which is the reason why they are solely used for medical reasons. Most of the time, people use it for one particular reason: To reduce inflammation and alleviate pain.

However, as shown at, there are many other health benefits to it. The second most common reason to use cannabidiol products is to manage sleeping disorders and improve quality of sleep, and I particularly have used CBD for this reason.

Other people use it to handle panic and anxiety attacks, and reduce stress, afflictions that have become very common in today’s society, with no signs of disappearing. 

Cannabidiol, thanks to being THC-free, can also be used in animals, and considering how likely they are to suffer from pain-inducing conditions and stress-related afflictions, cannabidiol can be incredibly useful for pet owners as well. 

But how do you choose the best product for you?

Consider Your Preferences and Circumstances

Although all the products available on the market are capable of providing the same results and health benefits, there are some slight differences that make certain products more viable than others, but it usually depends on you.

However, knowing what the differences between all the available choices can definitely make it much easier for you to choose, so we will talk about some of the categories of products you can find, and in which situations they are recommended.

Oil, the Most Popular Choice

There are a couple of reasons for why oil is the most popular choice amongst CBD users. Some of them include things like:

  • Being usually cheaper than other options
  • Lasting for longer, making it a great choice for people who are not thinking of using it on a daily basis
  • Very easy to use and handle
  • Can be combined with other components, and even used for cooking

Oils and edibles have various similarities. Just like edibles, oil is absorbed through the stomach, and this means that you can expect it to cause an effect after twenty to thirty minutes of being used. The effect of oil, similar to edibles, tend to be medium to strong, depending on the amount you consume, and last for a very long period of time, lasting up to five hours.

Generally speaking, oils are great for those who don’t care a lot about their surroundings and don’t mind the taste and texture of it, and just want a more affordable choice. However, edibles can be a little bit more enticing for some people.

Edibles, the Perfect Choice for Beginners

For those wanting to experiment with CBD without having to taste oils, edibles are the perfect choice. Although they tend to be more expensive, and also need to be consumed before their expiration date, they are a lot more discreet, tasty, and comfortable to consume for a lot of people.

There are many variations of it, as shown at cheefbotanicals, but the most common options you can find are gummies, cookies, cakes, and candies. They have the same effect as oil, but can be a little bit better for beginners, both to consume and to regulate, which is the reason why it is so recommended for people trying out cannabidiol for the first time.

Smokeable, for Severe Pain and Inflammation

As mentioned earlier, CBD can be used to reduce inflammation and manage pain. However, there are occasions in which severe afflictions are present, and here’s where smokeable choices become better.

You see, smokeables such as strains provide a much stronger effect that is a lot quicker to kick in than your regular oil or edible, since it is directly absorbed by the lungs. This effect can last for less, but it is far more effective for conditions that cause a lot of pain and inflammation, which is why it is better for a percentage of people that do deal with these problems. 

It can be a little bit more expensive, but because you need a lot less for a much stronger effect, it can be relatively durable. That being said, you might need special equipment to consume it, so make sure to investigate what type of smokable product you will get. 

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