instagram trends 2017

instagram trends 2017

by Radhe

We love it when people use the power of social media to connect with their fans. So I’ve compiled a list of the InstagramTrends that I think are the best ones for 2017.

All of the trending hashtags are ones that I use quite a bit, so I hope you can find a few of your favorites. Feel free to share them with your friends and followers on tumblr or share them on your own Instagram.

I’m excited to see what people are sharing about in the Instagram comments section. I hope you get something out of seeing what people are saying about your Instagram posts.

As you probably have noticed, there are quite a few Instagram trends that are worth watching in 2017. As for what you should be watching, I would suggest you keep some of these trends in mind as you look through your feed this year. For starters, I would suggest checking out the trends that involve alcohol. I think this year, alcohol is the trend that might be the new “new” thing for most people to check out.

I’ve noticed a shift in a lot of my Instagram friends’ posts since the last time I checked in, especially women who are trying to balance their work and life. Many of them are trying to post more self-care-oriented photos. I also think Instagram is definitely a trend that might be worth checking out.

For the most part, alcohol seems to have a lot of people in agreement. This trend seems to be going mainstream. I think it will be fun, and it will be refreshing to see people drinking more than usual. But I also think Instagram might need some more rules. For instance, I think it should be enforced that alcohol is illegal to bring on an aircraft. Or maybe it should be enforced that no one can bring alcohol on an aircraft. I don’t know.

Well, I think that Instagram is a weird place to be putting rules. For one, it’s so open to interpretation about what “alcohol” means and what it is allowed to be served. This is not where you can run a country. And besides, if alcohol was banned, it would just be another category of drug.

There are a few rules to be sure. First, no alcohol is allowed in an aircraft. We don’t want to be responsible for someone getting drunk and throwing up on us. We also think that alcohol should not be served on an aircraft. Its not a good place to be drunk and having a few beers.

The second rule is no one under 21 is allowed to drink alcohol on airplanes. This would mean that we have to use the bathroom before the flight. The last rule is that no one under 16 can be served alcohol on an airplane. This is because 18 year olds (and other people who are technically underage for their age) may be drinking on a flight, and the airlines want to keep that a secret. For these two reasons, no one under 16 may drink on an airline.

This is why I’m so happy I left the airport. I’m so sick of airport security checking my ID and my cell phone to see if they have a passenger record, then saying that I need to call my parents and ask them to check my ID, then asking me if I can bring my phone on the plane. All of this stuff to check my ID for a reason.

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