Liven Up Your Home with Gorgeous Décor Lights and Lighting Décor Accessories

Liven Up Your Home with Gorgeous Décor Lights and Lighting Décor Accessories

by Ethan More

Décor lights play an essential role in home interior design. Working more than just décor accessories, thoughtfully picked and strategically placed interior light fixtures bring the best features of your home into view, create a pleasant ambience, and highlight functionality. These are some basic types of home interior lighting you can experiment with-

·   Ambient Lighting

The main role of ambient lighting is to set a mood for the room. This type of décor light illuminates a room while remaining conspicuous at the same time. 

Ceiling-mounted Lights: These are the perfect décor lights to mimic the effect of natural sunlight flooding a room. They work best in larger spaces like living rooms and bedrooms.

Wall Sconces: These light fixtures are the ideal décor accessories offering enough ambient light. You can also create a transitioning effect by placing wall sconces in hallways and stairways.

Floor Lamps: This type of interior lighting offers a chance to light a room without installing any overhead light fixtures. 

·   Task Lighting

Task-lighting is used to illuminate specific working areas like the kitchen counter, dining table, writing desk, etc. This type of décor lights should be bright yet glare-free to aid you in performing the specific task. 

Under-cabinet Lights: This type of décor lights light up the kitchen cabinet. These can enhance your food prep, highlight the stovetop, or illuminate the treasured coffee bar. 

Recessed Lighting: Strategically placed and generally installed in a small hollow in the ceiling, recessed lightings are the ideal décor accessories to provide a visual path in a dark room.

·   Accent Lighting

Accent lightings are a special type of décor accessory that adds a touch of drama and accentuation to any room. They can beautifully draw attention to a piece of art or provide focus on the architectural details of your home.

Cove Lighting: Tucked within a false or vaulted ceiling, cove lighting offers a mood-setting ambience and also can be used to highlight any architectural detailing of the room.

Track Lighting: Generally coming with multiple adjustable light fixtures, track lighting provides plenty of flexibility to highlight different objects or areas in a particular room at the same time.

Landscape Lighting: Landscape lightings like outdoor spotlights, floodlights, etc. can create a focal point for interiors like bedrooms or sunrooms and also for exteriors like the backyard or patio.

·   Decorative Lighting

The diva of home interiors, decorative lighting adds a bold character to the style of a particular room. These are a few fabulous options to choose from-

Chandelier and Candelabra: Though generally associated with opposite interior styles like contemporary and traditional, respectively, they both bring in the same dramatic impact.

Neon Lights: This is one of the lighting décor accessories, which is unexpected, whimsical, and fun! These bright décor lights give you complete freedom to go bold and crazy with lighting.

String Lights: Lined along a ceiling or a wall, string lights can bring an added touch of a welcoming vibe to any room. These décor lights are the best option to give a room an instant festive feel.

You can now effortlessly light up your homes with stunning lighting accessories from stores like Pottery Barn, Good Earth and Pernia’s Pop- Up Shop and give your rooms a stunning makeover.

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