Tips to Help Create Space in Your Garage for a Vehicle

Tips to Help Create Space in Your Garage for a Vehicle

by Ethan More

When you ask any person what a garage is designed for, they will tell you it is for a vehicle. However, in reality, many homeowners end up using this space for everything but their cars. From storing golf clubs and mountain bikes to tools and gym equipment, garages easily become cluttered and a place for a lot of junk.

Have you decided that you want to change this and move your vehicle to the garage? This can seem like a huge task. But, there are some easy ways you can create enough space in your garage for your vehicle. Here are some tips that are going to help you get started.

Have a Yard Sale

First, you need to physically clear some space in your garage. If you have many items in there and you are not convinced you need them, organize a yard sale. You can offer items you no longer want to members of the community and make some money to go towards the renovation. This is a good opportunity to go through all of your belongings in the garage and get rid of anything that you have not used in years.

If you cannot sell everything in the yard sale, you can give the items left to charity. This can also make you feel good in the process. You will feel like you have achieved something in clearing your garage. Plus, you have made a donation. Ask yourself whether you would buy something again if you lost it. If the answer is no, this should go to charity.

Use the Walls

Most people want to drive into their garages and make parking easy for themselves. But, if you still want to use this space for storage, you can do this too. You just have to think about the design of your garage carefully. T make sure parking is easy, use the walls when it comes to storage. In other words, you want to have cabinets, racks and other storage options against the walls, keeping the space in the middle of the garage free for vehicles.

Do not forget to make sure of the corners. They can be great for having large cabinets and a good amount of storage space. For example, check out the unique look of NewAge corner cabinet systems at Garage Giant. They also have a variety of other cabinets that you might like for your garage space. Always make sure you check the measurements to get the right sizes.

Outline the Parking Space

If you want to use your garage as a parking space for your car, the best thing you can do is mark it on the ground. This way, you can ensure that this space stays free at all times for a vehicle. So, you can use paint or even tape to draw out the parking space on the ground. This is going to be where you will park your car, so make sure it is in a convenient position for driving.

When you outline the parking space, you know what other space you have in the garage for storage. Just ensure there is space on either side of the space to make it easy to drive in and out. If you have more than one car, ensure there is also a space between the vehicles. This allows you to get the doors open without hitting anything and causing damage.

Utilize the Ceiling

Most people forget about the ceiling when it comes to their garage. This is often an under-utilized area that is perfect for storage. You can get ceiling racks, which are going to allow you to stack boxes. You do not have them lying around and getting in the way. Instead, they are overhead and allow for organization.

So, take a look at your garage ceiling and all of the space you could be using. This is going to allow you to store many things but also not take up the space for your vehicle. Indeed, you can get racks that securely fit onto the ceiling of the garage. They allow you to store boxes above your head, getting them off the ground and out of the way. It might be best to keep items up there that you do not need on a regular basis. This way, you do not have to be stretching up there all the time. For example, it is a good place for seasonal decorations.

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