what does casino mean in spanish

what does casino mean in spanish

by editor k

The word casino is used in many different ways and in many different parts of the world. In Spain, casino is a word that is used in the opposite sense of a casino, which means that we are playing a game.

Casino is also a word that is used in the Spanish language to mean any game of chance, but it is different from the American meaning. The American meaning of casino, as far as I’ve found, is something that involves the purchase of something, and has nothing to do with gambling.

To my knowledge, casino has never been used to describe poker in Spain. In fact, the only poker game Ive ever heard of is a game called Boca Boca pachuca, which was originally played in Argentina. So I think we’re going to have to get creative here.

In spanish, the word for “casino” is “caso.” But what does it mean in Spanish when it’s written with the “s”, like casino? Well, it’s a little unclear. The translation that I have on my dictionary says it means “a gambling place,” but I dont know if that’s the actual Spanish word. But that’s what we’ll call for now.

Its a little unclear in my opinion too. I think its a place that allows people to gamble. It may be a place where you can gamble with other people, but I dont know.

I’ll tell you what though. You can make your own casino, but you can’t make a casino that has gambling on it, because you can’t do that without the money. The word casino is a contraction of cárvulo. And cárvulo means “body of water.” So basically, it means the body of water that would contain the casino.

Its an island-based game where you can gamble with other people, and its not just a casino, its sort of a casino. But it’s a gambling casino, and there are actual casinos there. What makes it interesting though is that it uses a very different type of currency than other casino games. The games have a very high number of coins (or more usually, chips) as well as a higher number of slots.

The game has a very, very high number of coins, which makes it a lot like slots. To get more coins you basically just have to get the right combinations of cards. Some games have a higher payout rate than others which is why the game is designed as a casino. But the amount of coins you can get from it is relatively low.

The payout rate of slots depends on the game’s popularity, so you can imagine it’s different from game to game. But in the current game market which contains the craps and blackjack games, the payout rate is low. It’s currently around 5.2% on average, and that’s not really worth much. In fact, it is better to gamble online where you can get much better numbers.

In order to increase its payout rate, one of the things you can do is to play the game on your own computer. But you have to be careful because some casinos require its players to download software on their machines. The software that can get you extra bonus rounds and higher payout rates. But you have to be careful because some casinos require its players to download software on their machines.

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